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Processing of marine fish meal from fresh ingredients including fish heads, fish bones, fish oil, fish stomach, fish offal, meat scraps, cautious fish, fish blood … very valuable nutrition. Fish are rich in protein composition to produce animal feed. Fish fat contains more saturated fatty acids SFA, unsaturated fatty acids MUFA, PUFA, omega 3 EPA, DHA and vitamins are used to produce animal feed.

Marine fish meal supply for animal nutrition as the optimal source of protein, which is a source of protein first quarter. Fish have enough protein essential amino acids including lysine, tyrozin, tryptophan, systin, higher methionine meat. Especially fresh fish protein in easily digestible, easily absorbed than meat, energy, minerals, vitamins … Use as feed for livestock, poultry, aquaculture …

Marine fish meal is used mainly as a source of easily digestible protein, providing essential fatty acids, cholesterol, rich in minerals, and other substances phopholipis … attracting taste, helps digestion, guaranteed level nutrition and energy for overweight pets, big fast …


+ Protein: 45% – 65%

+ Moisture: 10% Max

+ Fat: 12% Max

+ Ash: 25% Max

+ The Fresh: 120 Max

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